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  • 宝贝乖换个姿势再来

    and the clicking of Bengali.▓A detail of Indian troops on some routine transf●er to Cairo.It is only as the train ▓begins to move, and as the figu▓re at the window, dark against the darknes●s, lets go of my hand, that ●I feel Melissa is really leavin

    g; feel everythin●g that is inexorably

  • 宝贝乖换个姿势再来

    denied — the lon▓g pull of the train into the s▓ilver light reminds me of th▓e sudden long pull of the vertebr●ae of her white back turning in bed.‘Meliss▓a’ I call out, but the giant sn▓iffing of the engine blots out all sou●nd.She begins to til

    t, to curve● and slide; and quick as a

  • 宝贝乖换个姿势再来

    scene-shifter the ▓station packs away advertisem●ent after advertisement, stacking them in ●the darkness.I stand as if maroo▓ned on an iceberg.Beside me a tall Sikh▓ shoulders the rifle he has st●opped with a rose.The shadowy figure is s●liding away

    down the steel rails into th▓e darknes


s; a final lurch and the t●rain pours away down a tunnel, as?/p>

?if turned to liquid.I walk about Moh▓arrem-Bey that night, watching the moon ●cloud over, preyed upon by an inexpre●ssible anxiety.Intense light▓ behind cloud; by four o’clock a thin ●pure drizzle like needles.

The poinsetti▓as in the Consulate garden stark with silve●r drops

standing on their st●amens.No birds singing in the dawn.A ▓light wind making the palm trees sw▓ay their necks with a faint dry formal clic▓king.The wonderful hushing

of rain on Mare●otis.Five o’clock.Walking abou●t in her room, studying inanim

ate obje▓cts with intense concentrati●

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